Hobby photagrapher – PC gamer – Technology nerd

Hi, my name is Tommy Flankert and I’m 29 years old. I am raised and born in Stockholm, Sweden and I still to this day live close to where I grew up!


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Obviously I like PC gaming. My main games right now is some Rocket League, CS:GO, PUBG and Overwatch. I also used to stream rather much, but I’ve been working on a better solution for my new appartment. Now I’ve invested in a greenscreen, Elgato Cam Link 4K and a Canon 80D that I will use instead of a standard webcam – to hopefully get superior quality! To give me a little push on the back and help me with just a follow or so on Twitch – it would be very kind! Permanent URL should be http://twitch.imthe.host and http://twitch.ampedup.live 🙂

Btw I’m around ~€1400 EUR deep into it so far and I still need 1) a dummy battery-to-AC adapter for the Canon 80D and 2) probably 2-3 studio lamps for best possible result.

I will also use the equipment for photography which is one thing I like to do on my spare time. So it will more or less also become a photo studio when I’m not streaming and that motivate the price a bit more. I think that was all for now, I’m sure I’ll update this some day in the future.

Take care so long and see you in the future showing off my non-excistent gaming skills live and the photos the spring/summer will bring me!